New offerwall Added: TrialPay (Surveys & Offers)

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We’ve recently partnered with Trialpay to give everyone a chance to earn free virtual currency in our application. The new Offer Wall has deals which reward you for completing offers. Click on this link to get started:


What’s TrialPay?

TrialPay is thought as a forward thinking payment platform. It had been launched back 2006 and allows visitors to purchase products by attempting or buying other things online.

Visa acquired the system in 2015, and based on the company’s co-founder Alex Rampell, it’s been accountable for tens of an incredible number of transactions. Their first customer was Winzip, by the real way, an application that decompresses documents in your personal computer.

Looking back again to background, we can easily see that platform has been very successful in attaining its goals.

Within the next section, we will clarify the whole process and show you some examples.


Based on the About web page, TrialPay makes transactions more valuable. The concept is being used by them of paid offers, but rather than paying in cash, they may be satisfying people who have free products or discount rates.

For instance, let’s say you need it the Winzip software. You visit their website and find out it costs $29.95. Nevertheless, you also observe that you can get Winzip free of charge if you acknowledge an offer using TrialPay.

This offer will tell you – Hey, Would you like a 1-year Winzip subscription free of charge? Buy from Space, Netflix, ProFlowers and a great many other merchants!

How will you get winzip free of charge
Following the transaction, TrialPay will earn a commission from the advertisers and purchase your Winzip subscription or another product. It’s a triple earn situation! Both companies are increasing sales and you’re getting a free of charge product.

This is actually the current set of free products you will get on the site:
It’s very little, but you will get more from other websites.
BE CAUTIOUS With Offers!

You’ll find offers that want an one-time payment or a monthly subscription. Within the last case, it’s important to learn that if you cancel your order, they reserve the to discontinue usage of your free product.

So, take extreme care while accepting offers and then get a free of charge product. You don’t desire to be mounted on any regular monthly membership, as it might cost you additional money than the merchandise itself.

It’s important to say that you’ll require to be always a new customer to get accepted for an offer. So, if you curently have a Willian Hill Accounts, for example, and make a £10 deposit, you won’t be certified for your freebie.

Is TrialPay a valuable?
Yes. TrialPay is deserving inside our opinion. However, once we already said in a great many other reviews, you should be careful when completing offers for cash or freebies. Always be sure you read the conditions and conditions and keep track of all the transactions.


Offer Walls are a way for our players to get CB for free in exchange for completing an offer from one of our partners.

The offers can take anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes, and multiple offers can be completed in order to get more CB.

Offer Wall Tips, Tricks, and Opportunities

  • We update our Offer Wall every hour with new, fresh offers. You can come back throughout the day!
  • The Offer Wall can be sorted by the tabs you see at the top of the page, so make sure you check out the most popular ones by clicking on “Popular” and “Free”.
  • Be patient when you complete an offer. Most advertiser partners need to verify you’re information so they can award you. It can take a few hours, or in rare cases a day or two.


Thanks a lot for your visit and we wish this short article was informative for you. If you any relevant questions, please send us a note in the package just underneath and I’ll make contact with you at the earliest opportunity.

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