New offerwall Added: TapResearch (Surveys & Offers)

Dear users,

We’ve recently partnered with TapResearch to give everyone a chance to earn free virtual currency in our application. The new Offer Wall has deals which reward you for completing offers. Click on this link to get started:


What’s TapResearch?

TapResearch is a mobile data collection and monetization technology company based in San Francisco.

Companies like Qualtrics, SSI, SurveyMonkey, comScore and others rely on TapResearch to collect global consumer opinions in everyday mobile games and apps.

Publishers use TapResearch to access global revenue through personalized rewarded surveys.

Founded in 2013,they are a veteran technology team with backing from reputable VC and angel investors in Silicon Valley.

Offer Walls are a way for our players to get CB for free in exchange for completing an offer from one of our partners.

The offers can take anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes, and multiple offers can be completed in order to get more CB.

Offer Wall Tips, Tricks, and Opportunities

  • We update our Offer Wall every hour with new, fresh offers. You can come back throughout the day!
  • The Offer Wall can be sorted by the tabs you see at the top of the page, so make sure you check out the most popular ones by clicking on “Popular” and “Free”.
  • Be patient when you complete an offer. Most advertiser partners need to verify you’re information so they can award you. It can take a few hours, or in rare cases a day or two.


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