How to earn CBs (points) on Cinchbucks

For all the new users of cinchbucks, we want to make sure that all of you start earning CBs on Cinchbucks as soon as you join cinchbucks. So, One of the major question we get from new members revolve around how they can earn CBs or how they can get their cash coupons and free gift cards. We wanted to explain you about some of the numerous methods from which you can earn CBs. This guide addresses some of the basic CBs earning methods that you can earn on Cinchbucks starting off and with focusing on completing offers and online surveys. As soon as if you’re prepared, register here to get started.


On cinchbucks you will found a lot of opportunities to earn money. All of these opportunities are to help you get a head start to the cash and gift cards that you want to redeem for.

You can earn your first 10 CB just by completing your profile on cinchbucks. None of this is compulsory to do, but we highly suggest finishing the entire profile to get a full knowing of how to use the website. Remember completing out your profile now allows for more and targeted offer and survey inventory in the long run.


Surveys are massive feature that our users love to use to earn CBs on Cinchbucks. The majority of online surveys are carried out by market researchers who want your views and opinions on a topic they are testing. In order to get a better understanding of what group you belong to, you can fill out a user profile that gives out general information such as your country, gender, income, occupation, and members of household etc.  The more info that you provide, the more specific the survey is sent to you. In order to help you qualify, we highly suggest you include as much demographic information about your self as feasible. This will be finished without giving out any individually recognizable info such as name or street address as these are never released for your privacy. In addition, you can earn some extra free CBs just by submitting this details to begin.

You may find that a few of our external offer wall companies also offer an choice to take surveys. Please make sure you fill out their profile section as well to be eligible for more surveys that you can complete through the offerwall like in case of our partner peanutlabs you will find a section of profile completion at very start of their web page.

Most of the first several questions you see are used to determine if you are the right match for the survey so it is essential that you answer them properly.

After finishing the profile section, you’re all set to complete some surveys to earn CBs on Cinchbucks! Each survey supplier that we provide is a bit distinct but all of them will concentrate on asking you a few questions to confirm and make sure that you are the right audience that they are searching for. For example, in the below survey, the customer survey asks for the primary industry and primary skill you are working in.

In order to receive CBs for the survey, you must make sure that you complete the survey to the very end of the final page where you should get a web page thanking you for completing the survey. If you do not get to the final page of the survey, you will not receive CBs so make sure you see the thank you page before departing. Make sure that you do not unintentionally leave the study before completing as there is no assured way that you will be directed back into the same survey. After completion, you should be getting your CBs after the market researchers have examined and validated your answers.


Offers (Found on Discover Web Page) are one of the preferred methods our users enjoy  to earn CBs. Offers generally consist of completing a specific activity on another website such as simply clicking on a banner on another website and signing up for the website.

In order to receive CB for the offer, you must follow the instructions carefully and complete the offers closely. Additional typical offer types include signing up and confirming your account by email or going through a few webpages of sub offers and verifying your interest in any sub offers that you are interested till you get to the final web page.  Make sure you are taking the time to read and submit any details required. Inaccurately submitted information or completing the offer too fast will result in non-crediting as advertisers are examining to make sure that you are taking the time to honestly submit information upon sign up. As you spend more time submitting quality data, you will earn more CBs to redeem for your free cash and gift cards easily.

Some of our users like to create an alternative personal email to make sure that they do not miss any possible emails regarding an offer that they completed. Please keep in mind that this must be a real alternative e-mail that you are using and that you must not be including any temporary or short-lived email addresses.

After clicking on any offer on discover page, you will be redirected to the actual website to sign up and confirm your email address.

After signing up and clicking on the confirmation email that is sent to you, you’re all done per instructions on the offer! CBs are automatically rewarded to your account when the advertiser notifies us with the completion of the offer. Sometimes there may be a delay of 36-48 hours when the advertiser validates that the offer was completed correctly. We recommend that you do not use any adblocking addons, software or firewalls that may prevent the site from registering cookies and cache as this may prevent you from being rewarded for the offer.

We are going to giving out cinchcodes very soon. These are usually limited time promo codes that can be entered on our cinchbucks site to earn additional free CBs. You can enter your cinchcode on the top right corner through the cinchcodes icon.

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